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Learn & Share

I believe teaching is a great way to learn. I try and make a talk out of any topic I've recently invested time in. I've personally acquired several skills in my career through tech talks and local meetup groups. I have a strong sense of giving back to the community. Tech talks are one of the ways I like to contribute.


I like to iterate on my talks. The first version is an MVP and I usually deliver that to a smaller audience. The Q&A session is valuable feedback on gaps or things I could have explained better. I build these answers into the talk for the next revision. I've found that by the third time I deliver a talk I have a pretty tight presentation.

talks and workshops

cities across 2 continents

topics – JS, UI and UX

years and counting


1 . Headless e-commerce architecture

Company Internal

2 . Storefront performance overview

Company Internal

3 . Agnostic UI Components

Company Internal

4 . Frontend performance overview

Company Internal

5 . Performance driven development

Company Internal

6 . A React Storefront

Company Internal

7 . Introduction to Microfrontends

Company Internal

8 . Web Components with polymer

Company Internal

9 . Introduction to sass

Digital design meetup

10 . The good, bad and, ugly of user onboarding

Digital design meetup

11 . Vue JS for React developers

Boston JS

12 . Promoting Your Podcast

CCTV Seminar

13 . Animating the UI sensibly

NewHaven IO

14 . Introduction to Sass


15 . Building unique grids using Sass

Thoughtworks geek night

16 . Lean UX: Designing successful apps


17 . Introduction to MongoDB

Company Internal

18 . Javascript gotchas

Company Internal

19 . UX Best practices

Company Internal

20 . Sass functions – case study


21 . Frontend developer workflow


22 . UX for fun and profit


23 . Engaging users with better usability


24 . The art of UI animation

UX Boston

25 . Content is a beast

Wordcamp RI


1 . Combining different data sources for your Gatsby website

Boston JS

2 . Frontend developer workflow

Company Internal

3 . Frontend developer workflow

Company Internal

4 . Iterative interaction design

Company Internal

5 . Design thinking

Company Internal

6 . Flexible grids using Sass

Company Internal

7 . CSS grid systems


8 . Polymer web components FTW


9 . Polymer and Firebase


10 . Utilizing advanced custom fields

Wordpress meetup RI

Hosting Meetups

I have great fondness for meetup groups and attribute a big chunk of my career success to folks I have met at such events. That is why I love hosting meetups and bringing people together. I've started, supported or helped revive a meetup group in every city that I have lived in. I have mentored participants at the Yale health hackathon, when I lived in New Haven.

Built with passion...


Used mainly for the JSX templating, client-side libraries and job secruity.


To enable static site generation and optimize page load performance.


For data-fetching from multiple sources.


CMS to store all data that is powering this website except for blogs, which are markdown files.


For static site hosting, handling form submissions and having CI/CD integrated with Github.


From unsplash when they are not my own.

..and other fun technologies. All code is hosted on Github as a private repository. Development is done on VS-Code. If you are interested, take a look at my preferred dev machine setup. Fueled by coffee and lo-fi beats. Current active version is v2.12.1.