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I believe teaching is a great way to learn. I try and make a talk out of any topic I've recently invested time in. I've personally acquired several skills in my career through tech talks and local meetup groups. I have a strong sense of giving back to the community. Tech talks are one of the ways I like to contribute.


I like to iterate on my talks. The first version is an MVP and I usually deliver that to a smaller audience. The Q&A session is valuable feedback on gaps or things I could have explained better. I build these answers into the talk for the next revision. I've found that by the third time I deliver a talk I have a pretty tight presentation.

talks and workshops

cities across 2 continents

topics – JS, UI and UX

years and counting


1 . Storefront performance overview

Company Internal

2 . Agnostic UI Components

Company Internal

3 . Frontend performance overview

Company Internal

4 . Performance driven development

Company Internal

5 . A React Storefront

Company Internal

6 . Introduction to Microfrontends

Company Internal

7 . Web Components with polymer

Company Internal

8 . Introduction to sass

Digital design meetup

9 . The good, bad and, ugly of user onboarding

Digital design meetup

10 . Vue JS for React developers

Boston JS

11 . Promoting Your Podcast

CCTV Seminar

12 . Animating the UI sensibly

NewHaven IO

13 . Introduction to Sass


14 . Building unique grids using Sass

Thoughtworks geek night

15 . Lean UX: Designing successful apps


16 . Introduction to MongoDB

Company Internal

17 . Javascript gotchas

Company Internal

18 . UX Best practices

Company Internal

19 . Sass functions – case study


20 . Frontend developer workflow


21 . UX for fun and profit


22 . Engaging users with better usability


23 . The art of UI animation

UX Boston

24 . Content is a beast

Wordcamp RI


1 . Combining different data sources for your Gatsby website

Boston JS

2 . Frontend developer workflow

Company Internal

3 . Frontend developer workflow

Company Internal

4 . Iterative interaction design

Company Internal

5 . Design thinking

Company Internal

6 . Flexible grids using Sass

Company Internal

7 . CSS grid systems


8 . Polymer web components FTW


9 . Polymer and Firebase


10 . Utilizing advanced custom fields

Wordpress meetup RI