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Setup a new macbook

Published on Sep 14, 2021

🚀1 min to read

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  • macbook
  • setup
  • uses


  • Set system mode to dark mode
  • Trackpad and mouse
    • Set speed
    • Set tap to click on trackpad
    • Enable secondary click on both
  • Menubar
  • Finder
    • Remove tags from sidebar
    • Remove documents from shortcuts because I never use those
    • Always open in column view. Set to use groups by default.

Download utilities

  • MonitorControl to control monitor brightness through software. Used to use Lunar but started having trouble with it.
  • Spectacle for window management Spectacle is deprecated. Rectangle for window management
  • KeepassXC for managing passwords - the only solution I trust
  • Dropbox for syncing keepass db file in sync
  • Signal for private chats
  • Chrome for development
  • Firefox for private browsing
  • Slack and discord for personal groups
  • Notion for note keeping
  • Cleanshot for screenshots. The default one sucks. This is a paid product but worth it for me as I screenshot a lot when working remote.
  • Hidden bar to hide menu bar icons when you have too many
  • Maccy app for clipboard management. Helpful when I have something in the clipboard and copy something else by mistake.
  • Keeping you awake for when you don't want your computer to sleep. Sometimes, on work machines, the sleep settings are managed by the company

Create accounts

  • Create a new apple account using the work e-mail address so it's separate from personal stuff

Browser extensions

Dev specific


At somepoint, I'll write up a /uses list with all my peripherals and preferences.

Built with passion...


Used mainly for the JSX templating, client-side libraries and job secruity.


To enable static site generation and optimize page load performance.


For data-fetching from multiple sources.


CMS to store all data that is powering this website except for blogs, which are markdown files.


For static site hosting, handling form submissions and having CI/CD integrated with Github.


From unsplash when they are not my own.

..and other fun technologies. All code is hosted on Github as a private repository. Development is done on VS-Code. If you are interested, take a look at my preferred dev machine setup. Fueled by coffee and lo-fi beats. Current active version is v2.12.1.