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2014 year in review

Published on Jan 09, 2015

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My year in review

2014 has been a slightly bumpy ride but I am definitely in a better place than I started. Just the webdev stuff below:

In 2014, I

  • Helped revive 2 dead meetup groups and started a UX meetup group in New Haven
  • Wrote for an outside publication – Sitepoint
  • Launched IncrementalUX, my UX consultancy business
  • Moved from full time employment to full time student and work from home consultant
  • Spent more time understanding other programming languages including Scheme, forth, lisp, ruby, python, C#
  • Went back to basics for understanding javascript better
  • Learnt Object oriented principles and rapid software development through C#

In 2015, I want to

  • Be a better writer – try and write everyday
  • Read a lot – Data visualization, storytelling, user experience
  • Spend more time pursuing interests outside of web dev like physics, movies, books and music
  • Write for some of the bigger publications / blogs like CSS-tricks, a list apart, smashing magazine
  • Present at a conference
  • Release open source projects that are long pending
  • Work on one big project each on – AngularJS, ReactJS, Polymer, EmberJS, nodeJS
  • Intern at Google
  • Be a better programmer. Understand memory management, optimization, refactoring and TDD

Built with passion...


Used mainly for the JSX templating, client-side libraries and job secruity.


To enable static site generation and optimize page load performance.


For data-fetching from multiple sources.


CMS to store all data that is powering this website except for blogs, which are markdown files.


For static site hosting, handling form submissions and having CI/CD integrated with Github.


From unsplash when they are not my own.

..and other fun technologies. All code is hosted on Github as a private repository. Development is done on VS-Code. If you are interested, take a look at my preferred dev machine setup. Fueled by coffee and lo-fi beats. Current active version is v2.12.1.